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The Baltic and Slavic history and mythology:

Baltic peoples in the pantheon have kept all basic mythological types. The god of Clear Sky is Dievas, to the God of the Thunder - is Perkunas, the God of Earth Powers - Veln/Vels (Prussian Patollo), to the Cultural Hero - Sovius; to the Great Goddess - Zemes mate, and also some other. Is evident, that at full structure of Balt pantheon, the type of the Cultural Hero is be relative undeveloped. The western representatives of the given cultural world - the Prussians above all put the embodiment of the God of Earth Powers - Patollo. It is known, that there priests played dominant role, comparable on power and religious refinement with Celtic druids. East Balts (it is especial Lithuanians) where ruled by princes, venerated the God of Thunder (that, probably, it is connected to influence of the Vikings and Thor's cult). Not probably, the Prussians lost independence (similarly to Celtics) by but the Lithuanians preserved their independence and organised state.

It is necessary to note that among Slavic peoples in the most full structure the pantheon of east Slavs is known. To the god of the Clear Sky corresponds Svarog, to the God of Thunder - Perun , to the God of Earth Powers - Veles , to the Cultural Hero - Dazhbog / Yarila, the Great Goddess - Mokos , Lada and others. Thus, especial development worship the Cultural Hero has achieved in western Slav mythology: actually, the majority of their known gods (Svantevit, Herovit, Porevit etc.) can be considered as an embodiment of this type.

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"Hors and Svarog". (A. Fantalov, 1991).


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